Using Videos to Insrease Animal Adoptions

September 17, 2012

Almost every shelter and rescue has pictures of their animals online, and if you do not, I recommend it because it is a great tool for getting people to see the animal and get captivated by their shining eyes and cute smile. But, photos are thing of the past, it’s time to step your animal rescue or shelter up a notch by adding videos of the animals to your website. Adding videos allows people to see what the animal’s personality and it will draw them in even more because they get to see the animal interact with other human or other animals.

Videos of the animals’ helps potential adopters feel more comfortable because going directly to a shelter or rescue can be an intimidating and confusing process because there are many animals and they want to be able to see all of them but it gets very overwhelming. This is why videos are so nice; they can take their time looking at one animal at a time. Another reason why videos are nice addition to your animal shelter website is that potential adopter do not always want to take their children to a rescue or shelter because they feel like the child will fall in love with one animal and then when they find out that they cannot get it their hearts are broken. This is a win-win situation; for your shelter and is easy to implement. Ask a volunteer that is familiar with posting vides online via facebook, you tube or blogs to take on this task. For a more in depth guide on how to get your animal shelter started on facebook or you tube, read our previous blog posts on these subjects.

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