Pets of Deployed Soldiers

September 14, 2012

It is hard enough trying to prepare physically and emotionally for going overseas when you are in the military, and the last thing you will want to worry about is what to do with your pets. Many service men and women have no options for their pets when they are deployed thus the only option for them is to take them to shelters. Here are a few not so heart breaking options now.

If you have family or loved ones nearby, you could arrange for them to take care of your pet while you are deployed. If that is impossible, there have been nonprofits that were created just for your situation. These include Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet, American Humane Society, Dogs on Deployments, and Pets for Patriots. These nonprofits objectives are to find a loving and healthy foster home for your pet to care for while you are overseas. These great organizations take the worry of your pet’s safety, health & happiness off of your mind while being deployed.

Thank you for serving our country. The team at AWOIP appreciates your sacrifices and dedication to our Country.

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