Pet Resemblance

September 13, 2012

Do you Look like your Pet?

Do you ever see your dog talking on a cell phone? Or your cat making dinner? Or your lizard playing golf? Of course you don’t, but in many ways, your pets do take after you. Think about it, when you’re walking down the street you see a woman with curly blond hair, what kind of dog does she have? A poodle, right? Many times you notice that a dog looks like there owner, not always but a lot of the time. Look is not all though, most pets take after their owner’s personality and characteristics too. This is not a magic trick; researchers have found that when you are looking for a dog to adopt or buy, you, subconsciously, try to find one with your personality. Researchers have also found that certain breeds of dogs match certain people’s personalities. So far they have found that the agreeable person is attracted to Labrador, the most emotionally stable people tend to be attracted to hounds and people of high standards and royalty tend to be drawn to cocker spaniels and other intelligent dogs.

Let’s see a picture of you and your dog or cat on our facebook page. Share a photo on the Animal Welfare Organization Insurance Program’s facebook page of you & your pet between now & September 30th. On October 1st, our staff will vote on their favorite who will receive a special prize pack!

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