Losing a Pet: How to Cope

September 12, 2012

Losing a pet is like losing a family member. You’ve shared great memories with your furry (or bald) friend and then suddenly losing them from your life can be painful and pretty traumatic to an owner. Crying and mourning are natural but coping with the grief after time can be difficult, here are a few tips to help you cope with the loss of your pet:

  • Don’t let anyone tell you that you are overreacting by grieving over the loss of your pet. Remember, you are not alone.
  • You may experience guilt, denial, anger, and/or depression. Don’t deny these feelings, you should first come to terms with them and then you can find ways to heal yourself.
  • Consider writing poems, stories, or a letter to your pet and prepare a memorial photo collage perhaps.
  • Talk to friends and loved ones about your pet as they will be able to appreciate your feelings towards him/her because they knew the pet and how happy it made you.

It is definitely easier said than done to cope with the loss of a pet, but it needs to be done. If you have children, be honest with them and grieve together. If you have other pets, they will most likely observe that the animal is not there anymore and they may get a little down. Remember, this pain will not last forever.

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