Get your Donors to Meet with you

August 23, 2012

Almost every animal welfare organization gets random donations, but how do you keep the donors interested in becoming a VIP supporter? Easy, you build a relationship with them. By building a relationship the donors begin to trust you and like what you are doing with the organization. They also get an up close and personal view of your animal welfare organization. This all may sound great but how do you get your donors to actually meet with you?

When working with animals, it may come a little easier, consider calling the donor and inviting them to get a tour of the organization and see the animals. If they have children, even better, invite them along too, it’s like a mini fieldtrip from them to learn more about animals. Another way to meet with a donor is to be part of an event or host an event. This will bring more people to your organization and it will give you a chance to interact with them and bring them back to build a relationship. More and more people are seeing the need to buckle down on the amount of money they give away.  Remember to keep things light, show interest in their lives, and don’t be pushy.

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