Getting Your Animal Welfare Organization on Twitter

August 13, 2012

            These days almost everyone uses social media in some ways, (including Animal Welfare Organizations!)  so that means it is a better place to advertise your organization rather than on billboards or posters. One of the newest social media websites that is as popular as facebook is twitter. Here are a few tips to get your organization on twitter:

  1. Make a twitter account. Just follow the steps when signing up.
  2. Post pictures of your organization or things your organization does, a visual aid almost always catches the attention of fellow tweeters.
  3. Post “tweets” about special events your organization is hosting, going to, or things you stand for.
  4. Get your audience involved in a conversation. Remember who you’re talking to and start a conversation that they will respond to.
  5. Fill out your entire profile so that when people search in twitter, there will be more key words to find you.

With these useful tips, you should be on your way to tweeting in no time. Remember it is free advertising, so why wouldn’t you use it?

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