Tips to Getting Your Animal Welfare Organization on Facebook

August 6, 2012

 Who doesn’t love free? That is exactly what this blog is on today, free advertising. Facebook has helped us make friends, share photos, and chat but it is also a great place for advertising. Here are five tips to get your organization on facebook:

  1. First set up a facebook page for your organization by going to and following the steps to start your account.
  2. Next you will need to go and edit your about me section so that your followers will be able to know what you are all about and if you have a website make that known under the  “websites” tab in the about me section.
  3. Add photos of your organization or events that your organization held. People love visuals.
  4. Post on your “wall” about upcoming events, things that you have done for your community, etc.
  5. Respond to comments that other people leave on your wall.

What’s there to lose if it’s free? This is a great way to advertise and since over 800 million people are active users on this sight.

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