5 Steps to a Successful Fundraiser

July 30, 2012

Animal Shelter or Rescue fundraiser events can make or break your shelter’s ability to care for dogs or cats in your community; you can get a tremendous outcome, or hear the crickets in the audience. To make sure your next animal shelter fundraiser is a success, follow these five important rules:

  1. Clearly know the goal of the event. Even the smallest nonprofit shelter event needs to have a clear goal to reference back to after the event.
  2. Make sure your chosen venue is an appropriate backdrop for your event. The venue is the first thing people see as they roll into your event, and, of course, first impressions are everything, so make it a nice, appropriate venue.
  3. Know who your target attendees are. Knowing who your attendees are will help you with finding places to advertise the fundraising event, making the event enjoyable for them, and the invitation status.
  4. Be sensible and realistic about the date and time of the special event. This goes along with knowing your attendees, if you know your attendees then you know what times and dates will most likely suit them.
  5. Have an infallible way for attendees to register and contact you. This should include an online registration service, a contact e-mail, a contact phone number, or a physical location to purchase tickets.

Using these five important rules will make your next animal shelter fundraising event more planned, pleasant, and easily accessible for the attendees.

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