Keep your Horse Cool this Summer

July 26, 2012

With the extreme heat this summer reaching the triple digits many days in a row, many animals are at risk including horses. Many horses have been experiencing colic, some are from founder and some are from symptoms of heat stress, which can be life-threatening. Follow these tips to keep your horse cool this summer:

  • Be sure that your horse has access to fresh, clean water at all times.
  • Provide a shaded area for your horse.
  • Feed your horse salt and/or electrolytes to help replace what is lost when they sweat and to encourage more water consumption.
  • Feed your horses more wet food.
  • Increase evaporative cooling.
  • Encourage increased water consumption.
  • Decrease heat-producing feeds.
  • Increase depth of soft bedding.

Now that you know all the ways to keep your big furry friends cool, you need to stop “horsing” around and do it! If your horse shows signs that are not like themselves, it would be best to seek medical attention from a veterinarian that specializes in equine care.

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