Firework Safety Tips

June 18, 2012

            It’s almost time to celebrate the day in which America declared independence 236 years ago. Along with the cookouts and parties that come along with the Fourth of July, fireworks are also a part of the holiday that can be pretty dangerous. Here are a few tips to keep you out of danger when dealing with fireworks:

  1. Only buy legal fireworks. Some are illegal for a reason and the place that you’re buying fireworks from will know which ones are legal, so just ask.
  2. Children should never deal with fireworks. Fireworks as small as sparklers get hot enough to melt gold, so just imagine what it can do if it touches your child.
  3. Soak all fireworks in a bucket of water before throwing them out.
  4. Keep your pets indoors when lighting off fireworks. Their ears are extremely sensitive so don’t forget about your furry friends’ safety.
  5. Light one firework at a time. You never know how one firework can react to another.

If an injury from fireworks does occur, seek immediate medical attention. Since fireworks are meant to be enjoyed, enjoy them, but remember the safety of yourself, your friends, and your family.

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