17 Summer Fun Ideas to do with your Furry Friend

May 22, 2012

Do you want to go out on the town but feel bad leaving your furry companion at home? Well you can do both, below is a list of 17 summer fun activities that you and your dogs can enjoy together:

  • Visit a vineyard, most welcome the dogs, just call ahead of time to ask.
  • Find an outdoor movie at local parks.
  • Pick a beautiful day and take some pictures of or with your pup.
  • Road trip!
  • Treat your companion to a homemade treat.
  • Check with local SPCA’s or other pet places to do a class with your dog.
  • Go on a camping trip with your pup, KOA and Jellystone are dog-friendly but not all are so, check ahead of time.
  • Hiking with your dog will keep you both fit and happy.
  • Many towns and cities will have doggie events; so, keep a calendar of when these are.
  • Soak up the rays with your pup at the beach. Don’t forget the Frisbee!
  • Dog dock flying. Go see dogs (and even enter your dog) compete to see who can jump to longest or highest distance into a pool or lake.
  • Doggie’s need spa days too. Pick a day to pamper your pup.
  • Kiddie pools are great to keep dogs entertained.
  • Dog days baseball games!
  • Check out a new neighborhood with your pup, your dog is sure to have its sniffer on the whole time.

These are just a few of the many activities that your can partake in with your pup, remember to keep an eye out in the newspaper and pet stores for local doggie and pet friendly events.

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