Helpful Tips to Keep your Pet Safe

May 15, 2012

Every human has different survival mechanisms and everyone acts differently when they get hurt, some want to have someone close to them and others feel apprehensive to having strangers help them. This is the same for animals. When you see a hurt animal, you need to remember some tips to keep the pet, loved ones, and yourself safe:

  • Approach the injured or ill pet vigilantly, even if it’s your own pet.
  • Don’t do anything that may startle the pet, such as loud or sudden movements and noises.
  • If required, use towels or blankets to control cats or small dogs.
  • Keep your veterinarian’s number and address handy somewhere in your home.
  • Keep a number and address for an after-hours veterinary clinic, and try your best to call the clinic before you leave or on your way.

Although we all hope this never happens, it does not hurt to be prepared. And remember, you can have the sweetest pet in the world but when it’s hurt, you still need to be cautious, after all, when we’re hurt, we are vulnerable and wary of others.

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