Emergency/Disaster Plan

May 8, 2012

Is your emergency/disaster plan up to date for your assisted living facility? If not, your facility could be at a major risk and if an emergency or disaster arises, you will not be prepared. Preparedness is essential to helping your residents in these stressful times.  Your plan should include preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery instructions for all natural and man-made disaster possibilities. Think of these questions and many more when creating your emergency/disaster plans:

  • Is all essential resource information regularly reviewed and updated for your staff and community?
  • If your facility has a generator, does it adequately address power loss for all building services?
  • Do you have an emergency shelter where you, your staff, and the community can be self-sufficient for at least seventy-two hours? (food, hydration, sanitation, keeping cool and warm)
  • Does the facility regularly conduct drills and exercises?
  • Are your residents health considered under stressful situations like these?

What questions would you add to this critical list? Post them here!

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