Implementing a Risk Management Plan

April 23, 2012

Does your Non-profit organization have risks? Of course it does, no Non-profit organization is without them. Being properly protected against those risks is something that you can and should choose to do. Here are five tips to get you on the road to implementing risk management program in your Non-profit Organization:

  1. Identify all of the risks. Some of these can be broad that other organizations face as well but there could also be some risks specific to your organization.
  2. Determine how vulnerable the Nonprofit Organization is to certain risks.
  3. Create an emergency plan. The employees and volunteers safety is dependent on this step.
  4. 4.      Purchase sufficient insurance.
  5. Revise as necessary, especially if you get new equipment or if something new comes up.

When planning your risk management plan, be sure to think of every possible risk; you can never be too safe. Things happen, everyone knows that, but being prepared is key to how fast and efficiently you will get over the bump in the road if an incidnet does occur at your Non-profit Organization.

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