Managing Special Event Risks

April 4, 2012

Prior to an event, all potential emergencies should be considered and an action plan should be formed for all. An Emergency Response Team (ERT) and crisis management plans should be created. There should be a director of the ERT and all other associates need to know who this is in the occurrence of an emergency because that individual makes the knowledgeable choice concerning how to act.  A petite event will merely require two individuals who are first aid and CPR certified, but a bigger and elevated risk event will need more experienced medical workers. All staff and volunteers must know how to get in touch with the ERT in case of emergency. If there is a cooking location, a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, and flashlight must be accessible close by. If there is a great crowd, a prior to the event call to a fire department may be a wise decision in case of a fire.

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