Earthquake Safety for your Animal Rescue

April 3, 2012

Things are not always how they seem; at least it seems that way after reading an article on earthquake safety by Doug Copp. He has worked with every major disaster in the world since 1985 and knows some great safety tips that may seem opposite to us, but more effective.

  • Do not duck and cover under objects, most people that do this get crushed.
  • It is natural for a being to curl up into a fetal position when threat is upon them, so listen to your natural instinct and do so next to a bulky object (such as a sofa) that will compress but leave a slight gap next to you.
  • Since wood is flexible and leaves many voids if the earthquake knock down the house, they are the safest buildings to be in. Brick does break into individual blocks during an earthquake and can cause injury but it is better than being crushed by concrete.
  • If you are in bed when an earthquake strikes, simply roll off your bed, right next to it and it will leave a void.
  • If it is impossible to escape from a window or door during an earthquake then curl up in  the fetal position next to a bulky object.
  • It is very important not to be anywhere near a doorway during an earthquake, it almost always leads to death.
  • You should avoid stairs at all costs, even after the earthquake before they get checked for safety.
  • If you are ever in a car during an earthquake, get out of the car and lay next to the vehicle, you are less likely to get crushed outside of the vehicle than inside of it.
  • Copp discovered that paper leaves many voids as well, so perhaps taking cover next to a large stack of paper will save your life.

Copp has named the void between these objects as the ‘triangle of life’. If you look at pictures after an earthquake, you can see the triangle in between the bulky objects, which is how he came up with this. Copp’s ‘triangle of life’ theory has been tested with the theory that we are taught (duck and cover) and his had a 100% survival rate while the other had a 0% survival rate. Next time you’re in an earthquake remember bulky objects are for lying next to, not under.

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