Make Apple Pie Like Grandma

March 30, 2012

            It’s time to pick those apples off the trees and get baking. You can make apple crumble, apple dumplings, or just eat the apple plain, but there’s nothing like a good old fashioned apple pie. Here are some tips to make your apple pie even more delicious:

  1. If possible, pick tart apples from an orchard and use them within 24 hours of picking them (Granny Smith are the best to use)
  2. If you bake your crust before you add the filling be sure to put dried beans on the crust because the extra weight will keep the crust from flaking and breaking.
  3. Mount the raw apples in the apple pie. This may look like a lot before baking but the pie starts to deflate while cooking.
  4. If you do not think your apples are sweet enough but you do not want to add sugar, try 1tbsp lemon juice, some finely grated lemon zest, and 2 tbsp melted apple jelly.
  5. Make sure you put a few slices on the top of your pie crust before cooking, this keeps the pie vented.

There are many variations to apple pie such as rhubarb/apple pie or cranberry/raisin/apple pie. The list goes on and on with what you can bake with apples, but don’t forget the apple pie’s companion, ice cream. Who doesn’t love ice cream?

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