General Safety Guidelines

March 28, 2012

               How many times have you taken a step the wrong way and hurt your ankle, back or your knee? It may have happened while simply walking up the steps or on an unsteardy walk-way. This might stall you from work for a couple days, but the ache and later possible disability is not worth it. There are a few tricks to keep your back safe. First, pass up bending and lifting items from the floor. The greatest location for lifting heavy matter is to have the object lined up with your hips, while light weight supplies can be positioned on lower shelves because this won’t place as much strain on the back. If you have the alternative to use cranes, lifts, carts, and pulleys please do! If you must lift an object, keep in mind that you need to be aware of your back and offer it with support. When lifting, keep your feet shoulder width apart and squat down as secure to the object as achievable. Next, firmly grip the box with your palms, tuck your chin, and lift by means of the muscles in your abdomen, buttock, and legs. When you are transport the object, DO NOT TWIST, walk in the way that your feet point.

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