Best Practice Procedures can Save you Money

March 27, 2012

Let’s face it, insurance premiums are not always inexpensive, but is necessary for every animal rescue to purchase proper isnurance protection. The best way to keep the premium low and to keep your coverage from being dropped is to enact good practices and procedures. Training volunteers and employees correctly is the key to minimizing risk for your animal rescue. Some of the volunteer training that you may want to consider is mandatory safety training , mandatory sexual harassment training and install a security system and train your staff to use it regularly. You may also be able to minimize the risks by keeping your employee and volunteer handbook up to date and compliant with state and federal laws, establish policies and procedures that all employees and volunteers must carry out, post warning signs to alert people of danger and private areas, install sprinklers, require volunteers to sign a liability waiver reviewed by a lawyer, use relinquishment, foster, and adoption forms reviewed by a lawyer, and use an in-depth intake questionnaire to gather information on relinquished pets.

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