Why is Volunteer Training Important?

March 14, 2012

Do you desire staff that is educated about your Animal Welfare Organizations mission, so you can achieve goals collectively and make every effort to better your animal rescue? Risk management seldom involves staff  and volunteer training, however, there a couple key subjects that should be attended to. All staff and volunteers that are part of the emergency response team should be current on policies and have suitable skills for attending to injured animals. It is essential to have a detailed perception of the physical and mental requirements of the animals you work with. Although it may seem coherent, staff training should also highlight staff-client relationships, and the exclusion of sexual relationships between employees and clients. If vehicles are used, no matter how minescule, driver training should be completed. Driver training should also cover the risks associated with transporting animals. Training often does not center on the circumstances that engage employee termination by supervisors, nevertheless this is essential to include.

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