How to Write a Volunteer Handbook

March 13, 2012

First and foremost, you want the volunteers to be capable of identifying with your Animal Welfare Organization, so they can work towards the general objective of the Animal Welfare Organization. A depiction of the history and tasks should be clarified in the opening of the handbook. Common information about the Animal Welfare Organization such as, the office location, volunteer stations, current programs, and contact information should also be at the beginning of the handbook. A directory of all board members and their responsibilities should be accessible. An explanation of the volunteer course along with the ideal results would be significant for the volunteer to posses as a general idea of their tasks. The operational procedures should be clear including: admission to the building, emergency evacuation plans, and safety procedures. A general idea of the selection procedure for volunteers, the credentials, and a disclaimer with the right to lay off or terminate volunteers at the Animal Welfare Organization’s judgment.

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