Tips to Choosing the Perfect Intern

March 9, 2012

Finding an internship can be an extremely challenging and lengthy process depending on which field you want to intern in. Internships can be great opportunities because of work experience and professional contacts you will gain. Here are a few tips to get you on the road to an internship:

  1. Get to know your professors.
  2. Be professional and ready. Dress in business attire and bring you resume with you to an interview.
  3. Use your college’s resources. Sometimes they can easily find you an application for an internship.
  4. Keep up with a professional e-mail; make sure this just has your name in it, no cutesy words.
  5. Control your facebook account. An internship is just like a job so they want to make sure they have a professional candidate which they might decide through facebook.

If you really want an internship and if you do plenty of searching and follow these tips, you’ll be interning in your dream field in no time.

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