Employee & Volunteer Termination

March 7, 2012

               Numerous Animal Welfare Organizational leaders find one of the trickiest parts of supervising personnel is having to terminate an employee or volunteer who might not be up to par with the principles set forth by their animal rescue organization. Here are a few tips on how to grip an employee termination situation that assist to avoid causing a disturbance amongst the rest of the organization. First, constantly thank the employee for their hard work, making certain you are genuine and cordial. During the discussion try to center on at least one of the positive things the employee did, rather than just basing the discussion on the negative dealings that brought about the termination. Secondly, make sure that your documents are understandable and reliable about the legal cause for the termination. Records of performance counseling sessions, observations concerning the results of a formal performance review, and additional material should be clear about why the employee’s term came to an ending. Lastly, think about ways to make the employee’s leaving as agreeable and tranquil as achievable. No one wishes to be fired and incapability to perform assigned duties or pursuing your rules does not render an employee disqualified for kindhearted treatment. Plus, treating a terminated employee ruthlessly will only reflect poorly on you. Make sure you do nothing to cause the employee humiliation about their situation, and abstain from any steps that are likely to cause needless fury.

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