It’s time to pick those apples off the trees and get baking. You can make apple crumble, apple dumplings, or just eat the apple plain, but there’s nothing like a good old fashioned apple pie. Here are some tips to make your apple pie even more delicious:

  1. If possible, pick tart apples from an orchard and use them within 24 hours of picking them (Granny Smith are the best to use)
  2. If you bake your crust before you add the filling be sure to put dried beans on the crust because the extra weight will keep the crust from flaking and breaking.
  3. Mount the raw apples in the apple pie. This may look like a lot before baking but the pie starts to deflate while cooking.
  4. If you do not think your apples are sweet enough but you do not want to add sugar, try 1tbsp lemon juice, some finely grated lemon zest, and 2 tbsp melted apple jelly.
  5. Make sure you put a few slices on the top of your pie crust before cooking, this keeps the pie vented.

There are many variations to apple pie such as rhubarb/apple pie or cranberry/raisin/apple pie. The list goes on and on with what you can bake with apples, but don’t forget the apple pie’s companion, ice cream. Who doesn’t love ice cream?

General Safety Guidelines

March 28, 2012

               How many times have you taken a step the wrong way and hurt your ankle, back or your knee? It may have happened while simply walking up the steps or on an unsteardy walk-way. This might stall you from work for a couple days, but the ache and later possible disability is not worth it. There are a few tricks to keep your back safe. First, pass up bending and lifting items from the floor. The greatest location for lifting heavy matter is to have the object lined up with your hips, while light weight supplies can be positioned on lower shelves because this won’t place as much strain on the back. If you have the alternative to use cranes, lifts, carts, and pulleys please do! If you must lift an object, keep in mind that you need to be aware of your back and offer it with support. When lifting, keep your feet shoulder width apart and squat down as secure to the object as achievable. Next, firmly grip the box with your palms, tuck your chin, and lift by means of the muscles in your abdomen, buttock, and legs. When you are transport the object, DO NOT TWIST, walk in the way that your feet point.

Let’s face it, insurance premiums are not always inexpensive, but is necessary for every animal rescue to purchase proper isnurance protection. The best way to keep the premium low and to keep your coverage from being dropped is to enact good practices and procedures. Training volunteers and employees correctly is the key to minimizing risk for your animal rescue. Some of the volunteer training that you may want to consider is mandatory safety training , mandatory sexual harassment training and install a security system and train your staff to use it regularly. You may also be able to minimize the risks by keeping your employee and volunteer handbook up to date and compliant with state and federal laws, establish policies and procedures that all employees and volunteers must carry out, post warning signs to alert people of danger and private areas, install sprinklers, require volunteers to sign a liability waiver reviewed by a lawyer, use relinquishment, foster, and adoption forms reviewed by a lawyer, and use an in-depth intake questionnaire to gather information on relinquished pets.

SEO Tips

March 23, 2012

            SEO (search engine optimization) is extremely important if you want your organization to be found because almost everyone is on the internet and when they don’t know something, they just look it up on google, yahoo, etc. To help you be more SEO friendly, here are some tips to make sure you are one of the top results in a search engine:

  1. Make it easier for your visitors to social bookmark your website which will create more links that the search engine values.
  2. Offer newsletters.
  3. Having multiple domains may be beneficial if you have several topics that could create their own website.
  4.  Site maps are important to have on every page for easy access for your audience.
  5. Add tags around some of your key words <b> <b> but do not overdo it.

All of these tips cannot hurt your search results so it is worth it. If you stay on top of your SEO content and update it every now and then, you should have a large audience and it will just keep growing.

Correct documentation of an incident is significant in lawsuit cases, follow-up actions, to trend regularities of occurrence, to assess policies and procedures, and advance safety for the organization. Verify your organization’s policy and procedures to analyze what incidents need to be acknowledged. Punctual recollection and information repossession should be performed after the incident, so neutral data is obtained. List all the details of the incident in sequential order answering who, when, where, how, and why. When documenting, stick to the truth and avoid putting your beliefs and persuasions from others in. Try not to label the person, but explain what was observed. Be as concise as possible while being truthful and clear.


               Although fires and emergencies can happen on a impulse, we can prepare ahead of time to plan how to deal with the situation if it were to take place. The idea behind fire drills is to have the evacuation plan be second nature and instinctual when the alarm sounds. Animals may be anxious in the event of an emergency, so having trained staff will not only keep themselves safe, but also others visiting the facility. Practice makes perfect right? Having drills helps the fire department have a plan about how long it will take to evacuate the facility, and what needs to be altered, if anything, to make sure the safest technique is used.

It’s almost the time for our children to get out of school, have friends over, need a ride everywhere, stay up late, and eat a lot of junk food. It may seem hard to keep your child disciplined during this time but here are a few tips to keep them on track:

  1. Make a list of chores that each child must complete before having friends over or leaving the house.
  2. Instead of allowing your children to sit inside and play video games all day, encourage them to go outside and play football, go swimming, or other activities outside with proper sunscreen and water, of course.
  3. Always make sure that your children are supervised by a mature adult. Something that may not seem dangerous can turn dangerous fast.
  4. Instead of filling your house with chips and sugar filled popsicles, try veggie chips, low-fat popcorn, or sugar free popsicles. In most cases your children will enjoy that just as much.
  5. Sign your child up for camp. This will get them out of the house doing hobbies they enjoy that could make them more friends.

Summer vacation may not be too bad this year if you follow these tips right? Just remember that you are helping your child by providing them with a safe, healthy atmosphere.

Do you desire staff that is educated about your Animal Welfare Organizations mission, so you can achieve goals collectively and make every effort to better your animal rescue? Risk management seldom involves staff  and volunteer training, however, there a couple key subjects that should be attended to. All staff and volunteers that are part of the emergency response team should be current on policies and have suitable skills for attending to injured animals. It is essential to have a detailed perception of the physical and mental requirements of the animals you work with. Although it may seem coherent, staff training should also highlight staff-client relationships, and the exclusion of sexual relationships between employees and clients. If vehicles are used, no matter how minescule, driver training should be completed. Driver training should also cover the risks associated with transporting animals. Training often does not center on the circumstances that engage employee termination by supervisors, nevertheless this is essential to include.

First and foremost, you want the volunteers to be capable of identifying with your Animal Welfare Organization, so they can work towards the general objective of the Animal Welfare Organization. A depiction of the history and tasks should be clarified in the opening of the handbook. Common information about the Animal Welfare Organization such as, the office location, volunteer stations, current programs, and contact information should also be at the beginning of the handbook. A directory of all board members and their responsibilities should be accessible. An explanation of the volunteer course along with the ideal results would be significant for the volunteer to posses as a general idea of their tasks. The operational procedures should be clear including: admission to the building, emergency evacuation plans, and safety procedures. A general idea of the selection procedure for volunteers, the credentials, and a disclaimer with the right to lay off or terminate volunteers at the Animal Welfare Organization’s judgment.

Finding an internship can be an extremely challenging and lengthy process depending on which field you want to intern in. Internships can be great opportunities because of work experience and professional contacts you will gain. Here are a few tips to get you on the road to an internship:

  1. Get to know your professors.
  2. Be professional and ready. Dress in business attire and bring you resume with you to an interview.
  3. Use your college’s resources. Sometimes they can easily find you an application for an internship.
  4. Keep up with a professional e-mail; make sure this just has your name in it, no cutesy words.
  5. Control your facebook account. An internship is just like a job so they want to make sure they have a professional candidate which they might decide through facebook.

If you really want an internship and if you do plenty of searching and follow these tips, you’ll be interning in your dream field in no time.