How would your Animal Shelter Deal?

February 27, 2012


Last week we provided you with the first six steps to producing a crisis management plan for your Animal Welfare Organization.  Have you finished these steps thus far?  If you have not or if you overlooked that post make sure you read it in combination with today’s steps.

  •  Practice communicating throughout a disaster by outlining key crisis communication documents. A summary statement explains what occurred, what you’re doing, and how the organization feels. CAREFUL the press can bend your words when they examine this. A question and answer information sheet can be supplied to the representative, so obscured information isn’t released.
  •  Plan a media kit and outline a media contact strategy. The media kit offers background information on your organization, and the media contact strategy is a preparation to keep media informed during an incident.
  • Evaluate your insurance program instead of supposing you’ll be sheltered during a crisis.
  • Create a crisis response team.
  • Document your strategies in a Crisis Management Manual in an easy and straightforward reading format.
  • Analyze your presentation before the crisis has faded away.

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