Help your Animal Rescue survive a Crisis

February 20, 2012

The trick to surviving an emergency is to prepare for it so you are not caught off guard if a crisis occurs. There are twelve steps to help you carry on through a crisis but six will be discussed today.

  1. Recognize situations that could be the reason for a crisis in your facility. This may be past occurrences, incidents other similar organizations have undergone, affairs with other organizations, and the nature of your services and clientele.
  2. Produce an index with all contact information for all staff and volunteers.
  3. Get proper support for your computer, software, and databases at least weekly.
  4. Perform an inventory of your animal welfare organization’s assets including equipment, furnishings, records, and software.
  5. Find a legal adviser nearby that you can call upon on a regular basis for advice.
  6. Devise a crisis communication procedure by answering, who, how, what, and who. Who will verbalize for your nonprofit? How will the mission be explained? What will you use to contact employees? Who will be responsible for contacting key personnel?

These are first 6 steps to helping your Animal Welfare Organization survive a crisis, make sure you revisit next week for the final steps.

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