Fundraising & Your Animal Shelter

January 25, 2012


It’s time for your animal shelter to do a fundraiser to raise money or supplies, but before you can start, you’ll need a plan. First, you will need an organizational overview. This means a mission statement, the goal of your animal shelter, the the history of your shelter. Next you will need a staff and board list which should include the staffs name, title, and committee if applicable. After that you will need to set up an organizational chart of the staff.

Budget, budget, budget! Remember, you will want your income to exceed your expenses, so make a chart and figure out where your numbers are. The next part would be to set your goals for the next year; these should be realistic as well as optomistic. A fundraising calendar is next on the list because you should have set dates for when you’re mailing something, having an auction, etc. so that if it’s a success you know to keep the same schedule for the following year, but if it’s a loss, you know that you need to change some things. Next you will need to create a a fundraising activity details sheet to share with the community and your staff.

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