Day Care for Your Dog

August 17, 2011

Congratulations. You’ve chosen to add a needy, vulnerable, opposable thumb-less member to your family. Of course, you intend to give her the best life possible, and this means plenty of mental and physical exercise as well as lots of opportunities to play, sniff, and explore.

After all, dogs are sentient, thinking beings–pack animals who don’t do well left alone all day. But the fact is, your own life doesn’t stop when Buffy arrives; you’ve still got to go to work and bring home the bacon (or at least the bacon flavored treats).

Fortunately, there are some very practical solutions for keeping your dog stimulated (as opposed to chewing, digging, and barking) when you’re not home.

Day care

While its mere existence may seem like an extravagance (or a marketing scheme aimed at people with way too much disposable income), doggie day care is actually a legitimate service. In some cases, it’s an absolute necessity, alleviating boredom and offering essential human and canine interaction for dogs who would otherwise spend long days alone. While not a substitute for the quality time your dog needs with you, day care goes a long way toward keeping your dog happy and out of trouble.

Walkers and sitters

Those who roll their eyes about your decision to put your dog in day care may be a little more understanding when you tell them you’re hiring a dog walker. No one can argue with the fact that dogs need exercise or–even more indisputable–that they need to pee. And a good walker offers more than just a walk and a bathroom break: She provides companionship, positive reinforcement, and a safe and rigorous workout. For a puppy or older dog, hiring someone to simply come over and pet, talk to, and see that your dog gets an outdoor break is well worth the investment.

One Response to “Day Care for Your Dog”

  1. Oo Great topic, I own six Labradors and two Whippets, there so much fun.

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