Twitter: How Can it Benefit Your Organization?

May 23, 2011

Twitter is not like Facebook; in fact it’s quite different.  On Twitter you summarize your message in 140 characters or less.  It is a great way to direct followers to your main website or sub websites like facebook oryour  blog.  Twitter offers many of the same same benefits addressed in our earlier Social Media Marketing articles this year.  The more places online that you are active, the more your organization will be noticed for its efforts to help the local communities! Being recognized more leads to more fundraising opportunities and more individuals being helped!

Starting your Twitter account is just 6 EASY Steps!

Step 1:  Log on to

Step 2: Create your username- make this unique to you!

Step 3: Find your friends and supporters!  You may already have friends/supporters on twitter and there are 2 ways you can search, one is by entering your e-mail address and password and the other is by entering their names.

Step 4: Set up your profile- located under settings.  This is where you will enter all of your information including your interests, location, real name, and e-mail address, and website address

Step 5:  Click on picture at the top of your screen. Here you can upload your profile picture from one saved on your computer.

Step 6: Click on Home at the top of your page.  Now you’re ready to start tweeting!

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