Day Dreaming…

April 8, 2011

Oh how I love to day dream.  Lying on the soft carpet next to Dad or cooling under a shade tree just letting my mind drift.  Wonderful thoughts sliding in and out of my mind.  Day dreaming brings me some of my best ideas and takes away at least for a little while some of the stresses in life.  I can be who I want, do what I want and act as I want…its all good.  I sometimes think that we should all make day dreaming a regular part of our day, not just something that occurs occasionally, but a scheduled part of each day.  Allowing time to regroup while not really thinking about anything particular.  If we all took time each day to day dream, just think how much less stressful and how much more creative we would be.  Why just the other day while day dreaming I finally figured out how to get that darn toy to stop squeaking every time I bite it. 

So, my advice to anyone is take time to day dream perhaps you will find dreams do come true.


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