It’s a Dogs Life…

March 2, 2011

 I am certain you have heard this cliché before.  Well, I was wondering  just what that means.  Is it a good thing or a bad thing?  After all, I am a dog and I have a life.  Just like everyone else, I have good days and bad days.  I have feelings, love, hurt, happiness, pain.  My paw hurts when someone steps on it, I feel compassion when someone is hurt.  Do you remember when you had been disheartened because it was your childs first day of school or your teenage daughter left for college and you sat on the couch crying.  I was there for you sitting next to you, never leaving your side.  Yes, we dogs have feelings too.  Do you remember when your son left for bootcamp to prepare to serve our country.  After he left you walked into the house, went straight to your room and lay on the bed for hours just remembering all the time you spent together and how he grew, well you know what I was next to the bed remembering with you, after all I was part of those memories and I will miss him too.  So when you people say “it’s a dogs life”, please remember it’s not so easy being a dog.  We have feelings too.

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