December 17, 2010

Holidays…  I was day dreaming the other day and thinking about Holidays.  What fun, all the people come over or we go over to their place and they are always excited to see me and of course I am excited to see them, except that one little boy who always wants to pull my ear. I get treats abound, although I have to look for them on the floor and occasionally those little people may accidently slip me something (or perhaps I just slip it out of their hand).  My senses and emotions are going nuts with so much going on and all the people.  But, like anything, there is the downside, preparation takes Dad and the family away from me so that they can get everything ready, when the celebration is over, everyone leaves and again the family is busy cleaning up.  Come to think of it, that’s not so bad for me as I get to take a nap before and after.  Hmmmm, I love Holidays.

What is your favorite Holiday story?