Is Happiness the Same?

September 8, 2010

 We all pursue it and have our own definition of happiness.  To some it may be material things, to another spiritual and some mental or physical and yet to another it may be a combination of these things. To me happiness is playing fetch at the lake with Dad, napping under a shade tree while Dad works in the yard, sniffing in the woods while on a walk and eating…how I love to eat ! 

I wonder if the same things make my human companions happy.  Dad always seems happy when playing fetch or taking a walk with me, although he doesn’t mind when I take a nap, he doesn’t take many himself and he doesn’t seem to get into eating like I do (how strange).  It seems that Dad is happy when I am happy and come to think of it, I am happiest when Dad is happiest.  So is happiness about companionship or is companionship just a small part of happiness.  I think it is much deeper than just companionship.  After all, we do not all find companionship in the same things.  I know Dad seems to really like KitKat (the family cat), but I really like to chase KitKat and don’t particular care for petting her and holding her on my lap.  Therefore, it must be deeper than companionship, perhaps it is not meant to be understood and just one of those mysteries in life that we accept as something meant to be experienced by all of us if we just let ourselves open to it.  I do know we can choose to close the door to happiness, but we can also choose to open the door to happiness.  If we open the door, we will find the mystery of happiness will come in.  Don’t try to analyze it, simply enjoy and savor it for the time it is here.

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