Do Dogs Dream?

August 16, 2010

 Hmmm. I woke from my afternoon nap to the sound of the weed wacker outside the sliding door.  My job is to guard the sliding door when napping midday, in the event someone comes in, I must greet them and WOW IS THAT EVER EXCITING!  Upon waking in a pool of drool, I could vaguely remember this gigantic slab of rare beef; it must have been at least 2 feet long, 1 foot wide and 3 inches thick, a real beauty.  It smelled wonderful and Dad had placed it in my food bowl for ME.  I was so excited, I ran across the kitchen and was chowing down on this delicious piece of beef and then that darn weed whacker woke me, grrrrrrr.  

So I conclude, yes, dogs do dream, some are darn good, and no, I didn’t really get that big beautiful piece of meat (some disappointing endings).  But, after all, they are dreams and we need to dream and dream BIG because sometimes dreams do come true (I hope this one does).

Just Released!

August 10, 2010

Dad and I have been working on our first newsletter the past few weeks and today its being mailed out to animal welfare organizations across the states.  I have to say all the hard work has really paid off, it’s a great newsletter packed full of best practice information, freebies, and a column from my buddy Dusty. 

Make sure you read it right away!  Stay Tuned, because the AWOIP website is in the works and will debut this fall with TONS of great tools for Animal Welfare organizations Like yours!