Kudos to you…

June 24, 2010

Smiling ColtIt never ceases to amaze me, the beauty of life.  Dad was visiting a ranch the other day and brought back this picture of a 3 week old smiling colt.  This is a reminder to me of why we at AWOIP (Animal Welfare Organization Insurance Program)do what we do.  Our animal friends are so important and we all need the care that is provided by our human companions.  This baby colt was the first baby to her new mother.  Sometimes complications can occur, especially when new mothers are giving birth.  Some of the beauty of new life may not be so beautiful without the aid of our human friends.  Dad’s seventeen year old daughter took this picture and was astonished at the handsome fella.  She says that it was as if he posed and smiled for the picture. I think he was smiling because he was happy to be alive and appreciates what he has, a clean paddock, big beautiful pasture and humans who care for him and his family and friends.  Kudos to you humans for caring enough to shelter, rescue and care for us animals.

When you think you have it rough, perhaps it is important to take a look at my buddy Sage.  Sage is one happy, loving, sweet canine.  Sage lives on a farm with several horses that have been rescued and often runs in the field with them and lies in their paddocks.  I really think she thinks she is a horse sometimes.  The amazing thing about Sage is that she only has 3 legs; however, I sometimes don’t think she knows this. Not that she is ignorant of this fact– simply that she doesn’t let this lack of a limb stop her from doing most anything the rest of us pups do, including getting into the garbage.  You know, I have frequently heard the saying that “when you feel that you have it bad, take a look around, because it could be worse”.  Just the other day, I was complaining because I had an infection in my ear from swimming in the lake, then my favorite toy had to be thrown out because it was destroyed from playing tug.  Then I saw Sage and realized this isn’t so bad, at least my ear will get better and I can get another toy, she will never get her fourth leg back.  And you know what?  I don’t think she even cares that she only has three legs.  She sure doesn’t let it stop her from doing anything.

I guess the moral is appreciate what you have.  Life is going to throw us some curves, it is how we choose to manipulate and deal with those curves that are thrown at us that separates the puppy’s from the dogs or the kittens from the cats…. You get the idea.

Wow have I got a great story to share with you.  Dad and some of the others from our AWOIP Team visited an awesome Animal Rescue in Maryland last week and it was amazing what they learned.  This shelter has a mission that is very strong regarding spaying and neutering and they did over 6,000 spays and neuters last year alone!  Dad got to observe a neutering and he told me that he was amazed that the procedure only took 3 minutes 26 seconds including the stitching.  The Executive Director believed that the only way to control the dilemma of homeless pets is through very active spay and neutering programs.  This rescue is unique because they also work with a pet shop chain in their surrounding area to adopt the pets they shelter out to the public.  Dad found the experience very interesting and helpful for the animal community.  Thank you to this organization as well as all the organizations that provide care for our homeless animals and are making efforts to control this situation in the United States.