What an Awesome Week

May 28, 2010

Wow it has been an awesome week.  I made some great new friends at the doggy day care, both human and canine.  We played fetch, sniffed around and got really muddy.  What an awesome life.  Then Dad and I took a walk and he was telling me about his week .  While volunteering at  the equine rescue this week, the vet, farrier, Dad and a few others administered vaccines and worming to nearly 40 horses.  This lead into a big conversation about the importance of documentation and record keeping as well as good procedures.  Well I don’t have time in this blog to tell you about all that, but if you go to www.awoiponline.com/optin1.htm will find some secrets and some FREE Tools that will help at your Animal Welfare organization.

Oh and Dad was also telling me about these two horses that had some problems with their hooves.  One,he calls Dusty, and I can tell by the look in his eye that Dusty is special to him.  Anyway, Dad got to help the farrier work on Dusty’s hoof.  He said it was amazing how much better she felt after he shaved her hooves.  And then he told me about Ceasar.  A pretty big name for a miniature horse I told him (I like to make dad laugh).  He said Ceasar had a hoof that was curled almost complete around and when he walked it looked dreadfully painful.  So Dad helped the Furrier to clip and shave Ceasars hooves and releive some of his pain.  It sounded like he had a really great day at the horse shelter.  I can’t wait until I can go visit with him.

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